Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kodachaadri Trek- Last Trekking as Bachelor!!!!

Kodachaadri Trek- Last Trekking as Bachelor!!!! 

Since few years I have been missing one trekking spot that’s none other than Kodachadri in my own district. I was waiting like “Bakapakshi”( Pond Heron or Paddybird) in first week of October to registered trekking with BASC. Before Raveendra’s mail it was me waiting for event announcement by opening BASC website for a week so I can register early without any difficulties! Thanks to Raveendra for organizing one of the best trekking spot in Karnataka.

 On Saturday morning,we reached Nittur, grabbed some breakfast and moved towards Marakutaka Village the starting point of the trek. Right there, I could see clouds playing hide-and-seek among the mountains and I knew it was going to be a good trek. We reached a house where we had nice buttermilk oh my god! It was awesome…. also some boiled corn.

We headed towards the stream where leech biting was started. In another 15 minutes we reached falls where lot of visitors taking bath. It was unfortunate not our entire group member took bath there as few group were spoiling the nature best show by having alcohol and using toiletries. I had to take bath there only once the crowd disappeared. By that time our group headed towards up where the stream show was awesome.

 Sometime later we would be climbing up very slippery stones right next to flowing water, then suddenly in an open area. We could see the Sharavathy backwater and mountains touching.   Now we are started trekking in open area with many mountains up towards Kodachadri peak. I think around 3 PM get to see jeep route, our trek mate Ravindra L Rao wanted to take jeep lift towards final destination, when we are just two KM from the Kadachadri as he was tired. May be the sunlight was just opposite to our trek path and the uphill might have made him to think of taking the jeep help. But I never agreed for it and made him to reach the Kodachadri basement on time. 

We had nice watermelon and cucumber once we reached Kodachadri base point. Some of our group members including our camp leader Raveendra were waiting for us and one more group behind us. Now we had to reach on top of the hill to witness sunset. We waited everyone one to come and finish refreshment so we can climb up. In another half an hour we started our journey towards peak point. It was great experience while we experienced different kind of terrain on our left side was full of vegetation. We had to walk slowly & carefully as the path narrow little dangerous.        

We came back around 7.30 PM @ base point and had nice food at “Bhattara Mane”. We stayed at night outside of the guest house bungalow.

      On Sunday early morning we woke up early in the morning to watch the glimpse of Sunrise. We are on the top of the hill just before sunrise moment. Thanks to Jinu for preparing awesome ‘lemon tea’ before we climb up..  Everyone is busy take glorious snaps of sunrise. We spent around an hour there and came to base point.

The second day plan was briefed by our leaders. Plan was to reach Santhosh hotel breakfast for that we have to trek around 4 KM from the Kodachadri down the hill towards Arishinagundi falls. I, Deepak, Tulasi started our trek initially. we never turned back , we were almost running in some points we couldn’t stop in between. We were little confused @ the point where trail was divided into two paths. Deepak want us to wait for group members to come so we all can go in right trail. But I suggest him to take left trail. We took the right path leaving behind the group. We three reached Santhosh hotel and ordered our breakfast. We had nice idly and putta.

We got enough rest around half an hour and every reached the hotel and had their Breakfast and we were good to ahead towards Arishinagundi falls from there. 
The real trek war with leeches started there on once we got go ahead from our ‘Trek master’ Jinu after he found the trail towards Arihinagundi. We reached waterfalls s around 12.30 pm after facing leech bite. We spent around two hours near falls.

We were now trekking backwards uphill where we took different path towards Kollur. Our target was reached Kolluru early and visits Mookambika Temple. As itwas up hill it was little tough for everyone as we just had our lunch. It took around three to four hours to reach our near Kollur base point as our vehicle was waiting  for us.

It was near bridge on the highway point where our trekking ended successfully without any hurdles. Since everyone is was tired and wants to go temple we all took bath again. we took group snaps headed towards Kolluru temple around 6.00PM.

             After visiting temple we started our journey back towards Bangalore. I thought everyone is tired will sleep during the journey. The team spirit was not down every one made my mind to dance for the songs they were playing.   I knew I was dancing like people during Ganesha immersion & Annamma fest!.

           It was just take off my frustration, fun, and entertainment nothing else!!! Thanks for the fans that supported me during the fun moment. I deeply apologies people during the journey if were embarrassed which was not intentional.
 Thanks to the whole group who for the wonderful trek after long time. Special thanks to Raveendra for organizing this trek & Jinu for guiding, taking us in right trails with utmost care so that trek was smooth without any hurdles.  I would like to join more treks like this with you guys!

            I would like to invite each one you for my big day Wedding on 10th  December in Davanagere. Probably Jinu & Raveendra can find some trek places nearby!!! Will send you the Wedding Invitation Card soon!!!

 Mesmerizing landscape, cloud dances, Sharavathy backwater breathtaking such sunrise, sunset will be etched in the minds of anybody’s life after visiting Kodachadri!!!